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Genova Diagnostics AdrenoCortex Stress Profile (Saliva)

This easy to use test kit is sent to your home. The kit contains everything needed for collecting specimens, including shipping materials and pre-paid postage for sending specimens to the lab. Results are emailed 7-10 days after lab receives specimens. A hard copy is also sent by mail. No lab visit required.

This test examines 4 saliva samples over a 24-hour period for levels of cortisol and DHEA. Imbalances in these hormones are associated with ailments ranging from obesity and chronic fatigue to immune deficiency and increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

The Adrenocortex Stress Profile is a powerful and precise noninvasive salivary assay that evaluates bioactive levels of the body’s important stress hormones, cortisol and DHEA. This profile serves as a critical tool for uncovering biochemical imbalances underlying anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, obesity, dysglycemia, and a host of other clinical conditions.

The adrenal hormones cortisol and DHEA function to influence:
• Metabolism
• Thyroid function
• Anti-inflammatory response
• Resistance to stress

Changing the amounts of cortisol and DHEA can profoundly affect:
• Energy levels
• Resistance to disease
• Emotional states
• General sense of well-being
• Weight Control
• Sleep
• Aging
• Immunity

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