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NeuroScience Neuro-Adrenal Expanded Profile (Saliva/Urine)

This easy to use saliva and urine test kit is sent to your home. You then send the samples to the lab, and results will be made available in approximately 7-10 days after lab receives specimens. No lab visit needed.

Profile best suited for persons suffering from anxiousness, general malaise, fatigue, adrenal dysfunction, poor concentration or over-eating. This expanded profile includes additional neurotransmitter metabolites, DOPAC and 5-HIAA, to assist in assessing serotonin and dopamine activity. It also includes the addition of the amino acid taurine, which is useful in confirming the extent of the stress response. Taurine re-assessment also provides confirmation of patient therapy utilization.

Test results provide diagnostic levels for: Epinephrine, Norepinephrine, Dopamine, DOPAC, Serotonin, 5-HIAA, Glycine, Taurine, GABA, Glutamate, PEA, Histamine, DHEA, Cortisol X 4.

A saliva and urine specimen is required for this test.

Currently, we cannot ship this test kit outside of the State of Florida.

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