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Metametrix ION (Individual•Optimal•Nutrition) Profile (Blood Draw and Urine Test)

THIS IS NOT A LABCORP BLOOD DRAW TEST. A test kit is mailed to you with all the materials needed for specimen collection. Complete the included requisition form and take the entire kit to an Any Lab Test Now, Quest Diagnostics, or other urgent care clinic for your blood draw. Call lab ahead to ensure blood draw service and hours. A venipuncture fee is required for the blood draw, due at the time of service. Results will be made available in approximately 7-10 days after lab receives specimens.

The Metametrix ION (Individual•Optimal•Nutrition) Profile is a combination of analyses that measures levels of organic acids, fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Over time, functional nutritional inadequacies can result in a variety of chronic health conditions. The ION Profile can help determine the basis for these chronic health conditions.

Included profiles:
•Organix Profile - reveals the nutritional and metabolic basis of patient symptoms, including anxiety, mood changes, and immune responses.
•Amino Acid Profile - determines essential amino acid imbalances that affect both physical and mental function.
•Nutrient and Toxic Element Profiles - identifies a toxic burden, which can render considerable damage to the brain and nervous system as well as sufficiency of nutrient elements.
•Fatty Acid Profile - helps strike the right balance of fatty acids that can impact health and development.
•Antioxidant Vitamins - measures a total body status of antioxidant nutrients and nutritional deficiencies.
•Coenzyme Q10 - measures total body status of this antioxidant nutrient and energy pathway cofactor.
•Lipid Peroxides - measures total serum lipid peroxidation, an indication of whole body free radical activity.
•Homocysteine - identifies total homocysteine in plasma, and elevated levels are an independent risk factor for premature cardiovascular disease and atherothrombotic cerebrovascular disease.


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